In 2016 Daf’s health took a drastic turn for the worst. Daf went from a fit and healthy 24 year old; training for an Ironman Triathlon, to being bed bound, unable to walk, eat or function without severe pain. Daf knew something was not right with his body. After thinking ‘it will pass’ and ‘I will get through this’, he had been feeling under the weather for around a year. Things came to a horrifying conclusion when Daf was rushed to the Surgeons as a matter of urgency. His colon was so severely inflamed that it looked like surgery to remove part of his colon and add a colostomy bag was the only option. Daf received a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis, but continued to battle and decided to try alternative medications to reduce the inflammation level within his body; with his goal being avoiding surgery at a young age. Daf was able to leave hospital after a month and began the new chapter of his life – living with Ulcerative Colitis – an Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Although his prescribed medications helped to keep him in remission, Daf also searched for natural ways to reduce the inflammation level in his body. He had heard of CBD and was curious to try it, but similar to many others; the Scientific jargon and over complicated descriptions were difficult to understand. Daf ordered his first bottle of CBD oil in 2017, and from there sampled the majority of oils available on the UK market.

CBD certainly helped Daf manage his symptoms. He took it everyday with varying success, getting excited when it worked. He would use the full bottle before ordering another. Annoyingly, he noticed the quality and potency of the oils he was ordering varied significantly from one company to another with no clear reason or understanding why. It was clear that some oils worked, and others didn’t. What Daf also noticed was the difficulty to speak directly to people working for the CBD companies he was dealing with. The level of customer service and product knowledge he also received varied greatly from one company to another.

Daf began researching how to make his own CBD oil – he spent hours reading online, ordering books and listening to podcasts. Daf’s aim was to make himself an oil that he knew would be of a consistent strength and quality, something he could not guarantee from the current UK market.

JOIO CBD was born! After making and taking his own oil for some time (and seeing consistent results – something he hadn’t been able to achieve using other oils) he decided to give it to family members to help with other ailments. Family members agreed, JOIO CBD worked. Family tend to tell you what you want to hear – and sometimes tell little white lies! Daf knew his oil worked for him, his family were blown away by the oil, but he wanted to get more of an unbiased opinion. He started giving his friends JOIO CBD, and the results were the same. JOIO CBD worked. Friends started giving JOIO CBD to their family members, and you guessed it, it worked for them as well! 

Fast forward to 2020, Daf and his wife Sâra launched JOIO CBD with the aim of ensuring only the best quality CBD reaches the people who need it. They pride themselves on customer service and product knowledge. 

Health is wealth